Multiethnic group of students working on task together


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The majority of teenagers do not find school stimulating enough: for most of them, there are no WOW moments in the classroom. They also question the necessity of studying certain disciplines, considered being of little relevance to their day to day life.

Formal education is not perceived as a prerequisite of life success, it’s just a social norm (people study and get diplomas) they have to follow. As a result, when referring to education, most youngsters have in mind the “to do’s” (homework, projects) instead of what they’ve been taught.

Often authoritarian and showing little understanding to teenagers’ needs, interests and lifestyle, teachers are described as the incarnation of the past. This perception is also due to the pedagogy model, still not adapted to the present way of living. The teachers who succeed in getting Generation’s Z attention are those who have an interactive manner of teaching, who use practical examples to sustain theories and statements and who encourage initiatives of any kind.

Due to technology and internet, the today’s teenagers do not expect from the educational institutions to offer them information, that’s Google’s job. Their focus is represented by analyzing and applying the information obtained from the online medium.

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