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Due to economic crisis and financial insecurity, generation Z have learned that traditional jobs are not the ones to wish for. More than that, they expect from their job to offer not only personal development and financial recognition, but also fun, social connection, empowerment, fulfilment, flexibility, creativity working atmosphere.

Youngsters treasure their spare time, being at the same time very connected with family and friends. This is why, the balance between private life/professional life will be highly important to them. Entrepreneurships will represent one of their choices, along with flexible jobs. Generation Z will not conform to the standard working hours. Having at hand the technology that allows them to communicate anytime and anywhere, the classical work program will be difficult to apply in their case.

International studies show that employers need to provide their future employees the applications, platforms and devices that they use in their everyday life, in order to get engagement and motivation. Taking into consideration generation’s Z ability to make the most out of digital technologies, companies will need to empower employees to work in innovative ways, while taking into consideration flexible working program.

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