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Due to smartphones, tablets and wi-fi, generation Z is the one most technologically advanced. From very early ages, they have the skills to manage all types of devices allowing them to obtain in only a few seconds what they need: online movies, online applications, internet research and, most important – human interaction, through online games, forums & communities, social media, blogging & vlogging.

They are extremely interested in the latest communication technologies, being eager to test and use the hottest gadgets. Phone email, instant messaging and social networks are the channels they prefer for communication, rather than the classical ones (voice call, sms). Their patience limits to seconds and this is why they expect technology to work for them at a tap of a screen.

Mobility is the key-word. But it doesn’t limit to worldwide interactions, cloud technologies and mobile work. For young people, mobility is what allows them to feel free, to follow their dreams and passions, to be curious and creative, to “touch the moon” if they want to.

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