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Social networks are an extraordinary important part of Millennials’ lives, as social networks have become much more than a way to connect about personal matters.

According to, Facebook dominates as a social media platform for news and information. In comparison with Twitter, Facebook is preferred for seeing what their friends are talking about (76%). A clear majority (58 %) use Facebook to find things that entertain them (such as funny lists, articles, or videos), while 47% look for interesting articles.

Twitter is more popular within Generation Z. The reasons for which Millennials use Twitter are related but slightly different than the reasons they turn to Facebook. About one-third say they go to Twitter mainly to look for interesting articles or links their followed friends or organizations post, to share their own content, or to get more information on something they heard either on social media or in the news.

While in general this generation is not highly concerned about privacy, over half of Millennials pay more attention to and control their privacy settings compared to in the past.

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