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According to marketer Morgan Norman, quoted by Business Insider, companies should:

  1. Facilitate technology into the workplace. Generation Y has grown up with the Internet at their fingertips — so providing them with the latest technologies will allow them to be as creative as possible at work.
  2. Keep employees informed:Use today’s technologies to communicate as much information about company news as possible. With rapid technology at your fingertips, create e-newsletters or an informal messaging system that allows for short and sweet bites of vital information. It’s better to over-communicate than have workers find out information from outside sources. The more information they have about the company, the more like an integral part of the organization.
  3. Shared goal management:With all the time they spend on the web, it makes sense to develop a system that allows employees to set and track all their goals online. If they can see the goals of their co-workers, they will become motivated to keep up and contribute to the best of their abilities.
  4. Provide continuous feedback:Generation Y is used to everything being constant. This proves the same for feedback. They turn in a project and expect to hear back regarding their work on quite an immediate basis. Look at this as a way to help them continuously improve and better their skills and professional abilities.
  5. Be flexible:Provide as many options when it comes to technologies, schedules and projects. Ask them where their interests lie and give them the option of choosing clients or projects if possible. If they need to work from home for a certain amount of time, provide this option and be ready to set them up with the tools they would need to succeed. Show them that you are not only committed to helping them grow but want to make the workplace as flexible and easygoing as possible.
  6. Professional portfolio:In order to communicate effectively with hiring managers, it is important for employees to show some sort of portfolio with past professional work. One way to motivate Generation Y is to provide them the resources for building a portfolio which they can take with them once they leave the company.

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