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According to, the Millennials’ favorite brands are Nike, Apple, Samsung. For this generation, the quality of the product is the most important buying criterion (71%). They are looking for brands that help them become something more than their regular persons. Provide a high-quality product or service that helps them look cool, feel good and Millennials will return the favor with their recommendations and purchasing power.

Millennials feel responsible for the world around them. They care about what’s happening on their street, in their neighborhood and beyond – and, as a brand, so should you. Brands that market with a strong, positive message and display a sense of social responsibility show that they care about what Millennials care about.

In order to reach this generation, brands should also:

  • offer useful content that is tailored according to their target’s age, location, cultural interests etc
  • set an emotional connection through funny content
  • be authentic
  • help them escape by offering unique experiences
  • fuel creativity appealing to tactics in line with the brand’s attributes
  • help them discover things, as the Millennials have a huge desire for adventure and discovery

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